Terms of using trademarks

Terms of using trademarks

Terms of using trademarks


These Terms of using trademarks (“Terms”) apply to trademarks “Syno”, “SynoInt”, “Syno
International” and other related trademarks (“Trademarks”), which belong to UAB Syno International and its
 subsidiaries (“SynoInt”).

The protection of these Trademarks is valid all over the world. Strict compliance with these Terms is
always required.

Below are the main conditions and requirements which must be followed by every person  (all natural
 (individual) persons and legal persons).

Main conditions and requirements

  • The owner of all intellectual property rights of Trademarks (including, without limitation, all 
    material, trade names, concepts, text, designs, graphics, drawings, etc.) is SynoInt.
  • Any person should not take any action that conflicts with SynoInt rights in, or ownership of, the 
  • Before using Trademarks, which belongs to SynoInt, any person must receive written permission 
    from the SynoInt as owner of Trademarks.
  • Any request related to using Trademarks may be submitted by e-mail info@synoint.com.
  • SynoInt has the right to revoke written permission using Trademarks to other person at any time.
  • Trademarks and any similar part of Trademarks cannot be registered anywhere in the world by 
    any other person.
  • Any person cannot set up any business or other trading entity or incorporate any company with 
    a registered name or trading name or style or domain name registration that uses or incorporates the 
    Trademarks or advise and assist any third party to do any act prohibited under this clause and these Terms.
  • Trademarks can be used just in form, style and size authorised in written by SynoInt.
  • Any person shall not modify or use the Trademarks in conjunction with any other names, titles
     and trademarks, unless agreed otherwise.
  • Any person shall not use the Trademarks in any way which would tend to allow the Trademarks 
    to become generic, lose their distinctiveness, become liable to mislead the public, or be detrimental to or 
    in consistent with the good name, goodwill, reputation and image of SynoInt.
  • Trademarks must be used responsibly, carefully, legally and safely.
  • These Terms are governed by the law of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • Any dispute, controversy, disagreement or claim arising out of or in connection with these 
    Terms, as well as issues of the violation, termination or validity / invalidity hereof shall be settled in the 
    competent court of the Republic of Lithuania, following the procedures established by the laws of the  
    Republic of Lithuania.
  • The main and always updated version of these Terms is posted in English on www.synoint.com/legal.