In today’s global environment, it is more important than ever to find out what consumers need and want in a timely, low-cost way. Syno can help clients gain these important insights through our range of SynoAnswers products. 

SynoAnswers International Omnibus is a solution where individual questions from different clients are pooled together to ideal length surveys (ca 4-8 minutes) and asked to qualified respondents across the world as online interviews. By pooling individual questions from different clients together, we are able to ask a nationally representative selection of 1,000 panelists questions at a reasonable rate.

SynoAnswers Custom Online Surveys give clients more options, including custom questionnaire length, specific demographic targeting, and the ability to create the questionnaire exactly to your liking.

SynoAnswers Enterprise is our solution for those who want to be fully supported, from questionnaire design to reporting. For our enterprise offerings, we have partnered with senior researchers in a number of countries, who will work with clients to design their studies, use our technology to implement them, and then report the findings both on paper and in person.

Survey Design

Global Panel Usage

Data Processing & Reporting

A Validated Representative Population

With SynoAnswers International Omnibus, we collect a nationally representative panel of 1,000 respondents for each country we service, allowing you to understand the voices of consumers in markets representing more than 75% of global purchasing power.

Looking for something more specific? SynoAnswers Custom Online Surveys let you set a specific target group tailored exactly to your needs. If you need a tightly defined demographic, socio-economic, consumption, or attitude variable, we’ve got you covered.

We support all types of question variables, from complex matrix questions with custom logic, to video or audio files, you can ask the panelists their opinion in exactly the way you want.

What makes Syno Answers different?


Market research firms often have a dirty secret—they outsource your questionnaires to other people, who will then outsource them again to international firms. With each middle player, the costs rise significantly. Our online platform allows us to directly access the local panels in each country, cutting out significant costs.


Traditional market research companies will use a variety of approaches to gathering panelists—all of which cost time and money. In contrast, Syno has partnered with Cint AB, the world’s largest online panel platform, to seamlessly conduct surveys overseas.

Cint AB is a software development company that develops and operates online panel platforms by linking the panel members held by a wide array of international research companies and media.

Each of the panels are of high quality, are operated and managed according to international quality standards such as ISO and ESOMAR, and are mainly used for Internet research by global market research companies.


To seamlessly conduct global market research, we have developed Syno Tool, a system for creating, distributing, aggregating, and reporting on global online surveys.

Syno Tool allows for complex logic and programming unavailable in simple questionnaire systems, and with support for over 65 languages, allows for the efficient creation of multilingual solutions.

Finally, through our advanced dashboard system, you can integrate your surveys with a wide range of data sets, letting you compare POS, sales, or other data with your survey results.

Geographical coverage of more than 80 countries


Unlike simple online survey tools, Syno’s staff has proven experience in market research and is on-hand to help you with your survey needs. From helping you design your questionnaire to preparing effective reports, we fuse the digital and the analogue in a way that helps you make the right business decisions.

Survey Design

  • Choosing the right terms and phrases when writing questions
  • Taking into account local lifestyles and cultures when creating questions
  • Choosing survey methods and questions based on the survey purpose

Global Panel Usage

  • Setting the right panel size for the survey purpose
  • Creating the conditions for targeting the right panelists
  • Helping you set a feasible timeline and schedule

Data Processing & Reporting

  • Working with you to create dashboards that show exactly the data you need to see
  • Finding ways to compare a wide-range of data sets, helping you make more effective business decisions
  • Working with specialists to create custom reports for company strategy meetings

Key Takaways

Syno Answers offers advanced market research solutions at a fraction of the cost charged by marketing research agencies. When compared with other online solutions, Syno Answers offers a greater amount of flexibility and customization, with options for comprehensive Data as a Service Solutions.

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